Windows, mirrors, doors, screens, and more. With the best quality in products.

Who are we?

DECOVIDRIOS is a company located in San Isidro de El General. We specialize in the manufacture and installation of glass doors, bathroom doors, window frames, urns, sliding systems and everything related to glass and aluminum as the main raw material of our products. We care about providing a quality service to meet the needs of our customers, always with the best marketing prices.


Meeting the needs of our customers by providing products and services in a timely, responsible, kind and quality, in order to always fill our customer expectations.


Provide responsibly and quality in our service, always looking for the best products and looking to satisfy more customers each day, which will help us become a company in the domestic market.

Tips for choosing window frames:

The windows are the appearance of our home. They not only allow natural light to enter, but also fresh air to ventilate the different indoor environments. In places like the kitchen and bathrooms, window systems DECOVIDRIOS recommends to allow adequate ventilation. In the bedrooms you should pay more attention to thermal and acoustic insulation. Therefore, it is recommended to use laminated glass, which consists of joining two glasses of the same thickness and between them placing a plastic layer (polyvinyl vatiral). In places such as rooms and balconies is advisable to place large crystals that go from the floor to the height of the beam, in order to allow an assessment of a landscape or a nice view, and contribute to the room lighting.